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How to quote properly and avoid plagiarism

Before the start orders can avoid a better understanding of the plagiarism understanding and their avoidance of IT.

written by lucy groundham & vert; 04. Sep 2014

information and ideas that are not common knowledge should be given to the source

Many universities use software like gymnastics to check the work of a student against other sources for originality and plagiarism. Arrange yourself with knowledge and find out what should be documented before they apply to the tasks so that unintentional copying does not take place.

Any work that you submit as part of your study requirements must be expressed in your own words. The conscious plagiarism in the coursework is as serious as the scam in the exam.

Under our general provisions, the plagiarism is expressed as follows:

"Plagiar contains copying and use of another, whether intentionally or unintentionally, as if it were your own student. The work of another person comprises any source that is published or not published, including words , Images, diagrams, formulas, audio recordings, computer code, ideas and judgments, discoveries and results. "

Plagiar can also apply to someone who is setting or writing it for you. This includes the use of services from an agency or those who offer correction or improvement of English.

You can find advice on how to present your tasks and information on plagiarism in our manuals and program regulations for your field of study. Our manuals, regulations and student leaders are an essential step in order to lead them through their academic studies with international programs.

What should be quoted?

Information and ideas that are not shared should be quoted on the source. The ideas also include points, conclusions, methods, theory and all features illustrated by the writer. Underneath you should also include drawings, diagrams, statistics or web pages.

Steps to avoid plagiarism

Make sure you have a good understanding of the topic to write about. Use multiple source formats in your research - printed publications, magazines and the Internet. They are less likely to be plagued unintentionally.

It is not enough to use synonyms and other word decisions, these are still serve as close imitation of the source. Write a piece of text, strictly in your own words and quote your sources. The specific words of an author should be placed in quotation marks and the source. You should also quote ideas, opinions and theories that are not your own.

"For web sources, the web page quote the information and contain the URL and date on which you have copied the page."

Maintaining careful, clear notes on the way and is systematically in your research. Keep your notes on each design of your essay. For web springs, quote the website with the information and contain the URL and date on which you have copied the page. Information on the web can be taken or changed over time. You can consider using a tool like the WebCliper from Evisnote to store and effective organizing your sources. If you want to use all the graphics from a website, then would be a good practice to get the permission of the website owner.

be aware of the basic rules of copyright. Facts are not covered by copyright, this is considered general information in many places and known by many people. An example would be the historical date of the French Revolution or Theories like Newton's legal laws. You need to know the words that are used to express facts - if you use them directly, then quote the source or write to your own words.

Your task must include a biography of works called in your letter with a suitable format. If you are not clear, she advises her course teacher.

Help tools

Plagiastism-Checker tools can improve their writing and see how much of their content matches a database.

Beware of free plagiarism checker tools, these can resell papers. Use a reputable that can not save or share papers like ITHenticate.

If you submit a document to ITHenticate, it is checked on unoriginal content and compared with a database with more than 45 billion websites, as well as other sources such as news pages, magazines and books. Your rating is available within log and displays the results of matching content and unattritted text or sources. It is currently available in 30 languages ??and there is a helpful blog, including articles such as avoiding self-plagiarism.

If you need to create time to create a bibliography, Easybib has a useful online quote tool in MLA, APA, Chicago and other styles. It's not just books, EasyBib is quoted in a number of sources. If you have an online video to go to your bibliography, see the online video page page.

Further information

You may want to read about changes to the copyright law in the United Kingdom, which took place in June 2014 in June. The changes were made to better fulfill the old digital media, and affect how to use content such as books, music, films and photographs.

For more information about rules, evaluation offices and fraud can be found on our website.

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